The Sensual Mystery of the G Spot Orgasm

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The Sensual Mystery of the G Spot Orgasm
photo by KCL photography. all rights reserved.

Have you heard of the fabled G Spot orgasm?

Some folks are unapologetic about loving this type of pleasure, others claim that squirting is a myth, or that it’s just urination during sex.

Why is there so much controversy and mystery around something that’s been showing up in our erotic imagery and literature for thousands of years?

Our bodies and the way we experience and respond to sensation are all so unique.

Each one of us loves to be touched, stroked, pushed and teased in different ways and that is part of what makes exploring sensual pleasure so mysterious and intriguing…

While some people will gush and squirt, not everyone does and you do not have to ejaculate to have delicious and energetic sex.

Because it’s such a unique sensual experience, it is easy to understand why folks who haven’t experienced it firsthand could be confused about it’s very existence.

What does it feel like?

I discovered a deep love of the g spot orgasm when a partner first used their fingers to stroke the right place inside of me while we were being intimate together.

I’ll never forget the way I felt during those moments… The slow build of pressure, the feeling of fullness and the overwhelming sensation of bursting and exploding nectar all over the both of us.

Afterwards I was nervous, I thought maybe I had peed and felt a little self conscious.

My partner, however, was riding the most beautiful high. He felt so good knowing he could bring me to such a state of total surrender and release.

The Sensual Mystery of the G Spot Orgasm

The Esoteric Perspective…

According to tantra, the liquid released with a g spot orgasm is called Amrita, which means “divine nectar” in Sanskrit.

It has rejuvenating, healing qualities and was considered physicalized sexual energy.

A gush of sensual, sacred energy flowing directly from the center of the feminine.

This is more than just a sexual release. Gushing orgasms can trigger a profound emotional release which can feel like a rush of feelings and built up tension being let go with all the power and force of a waterfall.

Intense to say the least, and so very therapeutic.

Let’s talk about Amrita

The liquid itself doesn’t look or taste like urine, although a small amount of urine is often present in the fluid itself. It also contains female prostatic fluid which comes from the skenes glands.

It can be light, watery and copious or less abundant and slightly thicker depending on how hydrated you are.

Since the amount, taste, texture and scent of your amrita will vary depending on how hydrated you are, and because you’ll potentially be releasing a lot of water in the process, I recommend planning ahead and drinking plenty of water a couple hours before you plan to explore.

Planning Ahead

If you’re experimenting with learning to squirt/gush, I recommend investing in a waterproof blanket or waterproof bed pads.

It’s quick and easy to toss them in the laundry afterwards without worrying about soaking through your bedsheets and mattress.

Having that peace of mind can really help you relax and fully surrender to the experience, which is so important.

Going pee before you settle in to play is also a great idea, for the same reason.

If you’ve recently emptied your bladder you’ll be less concerned about accidentally wetting the bed and more able to really melt into the experience of a g spot orgasm.

A bit about anatomy.

The G spot itself is located an inch or two inside your entrance, near the top of your anatomy. It feels like a firm, walnut shaped area with a sort of rippled or nubbly texture.

Pleasuring this spot actually stimulates the internal clitoral network from the inside.

You can stimulate this area on your partner with your fingers using a come hither motion, hooking your fingers and rhythmically massaging and applying firm pressure to the area. You’ll feel it begin to swell and become more prominent as your partner becomes more aroused.

Of course, everyone is different and the most important thing to be present with them in the moment and notice how they respond.

If you’re unsure, it’s always sexy to ask how they are feeling and if they are enjoying what you are doing.

Communication is erotic and leads to better sex!

The right tool for the job

Fingers aren’t always the best choice for everyone’s anatomy. Some people benefit from the extra reach offered by a toy, and it’s much easier on the wrists to have a toy to play with.

For g spot toys, I recommend something firm and curved with a bulbed, rounded, or flat end.

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The Curvy G in my shop is an excellent choice, and you can experiment with using either the narrow end or the bulbed tip to explore firm and steady stroking and pleasure on your g spot to see what you prefer.

The combination of a g spot orgasm with clitoral stimulation using your fingers or another toy can be a mindblowing way to reach a blended orgasm that combines the best of both worlds.

Explore and enjoy, lovers.

in juicy love,


Big thank you to Peekaboo Collins for taking this beautiful photo of her Curvy G.

She reviewed the wand over on her blog, check it out!