Cutting and Releasing Sexual Cords

What is a Sexual Cord?

A sexual cord is type of non-physical energetic attachment. Cutting cords is the act of intentionally releasing these attachments.

Cords are formed when we think strongly about someone or something or when we interact with them.

Sexual cords are formed when we exchange with (or direct our sexual energy toward) someone or something. They are usually attached at the sacral chakra, the chakra that is directly related to our sex organs + energy, but not always, depending on the type of connection.

Cutting and Releasing Sexual Cords
You have an energetic field that surrounds you that consists of your aura and chakras. Energetic cords are attachments to our energy field that form when we think strongly about or interact with someone or something. In this image, we see a loving energy cord connecting the heart chakras of two people.

Are all sexual cords negative?

Cords are not inherently positive or negative.

Because they are formed whenever we interact with or think strongly about someone or something, they can be conduits for love, gratitude, appreciation and other higher vibration energies, too.

The nature of the cord depends on the type of energy exchange created by your interaction. If it is a loving, respectful and healthy interaction, loving cords will be formed.

Cutting and Releasing Sexual Cords
“Love is a Cosmic Force” by Alex Grey

A healthy sexual cord can be a conduit for mutual desire, pleasure, love and healthy sexual energy – a beautiful thing between two compatible and emotionally resonant lovers!

Cords of love can never be broken, and why would you want to? These connections nourish and strengthen both parties.

If it is an unhealthy, toxic or draining interaction, a negative cord can be formed that acts as a conduit for shame, fear, aggression, anger, guilt and other low vibration emotional energies.

What are some effects of negative sexual cords?

Negative cords sap and drain our energy and can contribute to unhealthy patterns of behavior that keep us stuck in destructive cycles.

This is very common for people who have experienced sexual trauma, as the energetic imprints and attachments formed by such an experience continue to invisibly influence the experiences the person attracts, the choices in partners that they make, and the desires they find themselves inexplicably craving.

One common way this often manifests is through unwanted sexual fantasies which echo elements of the initial trauma, coupled with an unwanted, yet intense feeling of arousal.

Some may find themselves feeling powerless to stop repeating negative cycles that echo the initial trauma. Perhaps they keep unintentionally choosing abusive or destructive partners, or find themselves on the receiving end of unwanted sexual experiences.

Negative cords and unwanted energies can also contribute to chronic health conditions on a physical level that are often directly related to where the unhealthy attachments are located. For example, a negative cord affecting the sex chakra could contribute to chronic Urinary Tract Infections.

Fortunately, these energetic attachments can be cleared with some simple, yet effective techniques.

How can you cut or release negative sexual cords?

There are several different ways to energetically cut or release unwanted sexual cords from your energy body.

These methods allow you to free yourself from the unwanted energies that are being exchanged through the negative attachment.

Releasing these cords precipitates powerful shifts in our thoughts, feelings, actions and ultimately experiences.

Many people find that addressing these experiences on an energetic level can be more powerful than years and years of more conventional therapy.

Here are some of my favorite methods:

  • Guided meditation can be a powerful way to clear and release unwanted energies and attachments from your sexual energy. My Womb Healing Meditation is perfect for this purpose, and combines breathwork, visualization and affirmation to help you let go of what no longer serves in a gentle, supported way.
  • Working with Yoni Crystals is also very effective, when done with the proper intention. The wands and eggs I offer in my shop come infused with potent healing energy (check out the reviews) and instructions on how to program them with your intentions. Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz are perfect for this work.
  • Energy Healing Modalities such as Pranic Healing and Reiki are gentle and effective ways to shift and release unwanted or stuck energies. I have found Pranic Healing to be the most effective and precise modality for this work, and it can be done through distance work with no loss of effectiveness. You can learn more here.

When should you cut sexual cords?

Simply put, if you are sexually active, you would probably benefit from cutting and clearing unwanted sexual cords.

We take care of our physical body to make sure it is cleansed and in vibrant, healthy condition.

Attending to our energetic hygiene will result in more vibrant, healthier sexual experiences, too.

A note about sex…

Sex is not inherently dirty, wrong or unclean as some religious and cultural programming has incorrectly lead many of us to believe.

Sexual energy is neutral. It can be a path to pleasure, embodiment, healthy expression and sexual ecstasy. It can also be expressed in distorted, unhealthy or destructive ways.

Because it is such a potent energy to work with, it is wise for us to treat it with consciousness and respect!

By remaining sensitive to the impact our sexual thoughts and experiences are having on us, we can discern whether they are positive or negative influences in our lives.

This is how we develop our inner guidance system, one based on our own personal moral compass rather than childhood programming. As Polonius said, “To thine own self be true.”

Once we begin to understand the energetic dynamics at play that are contributing to our life experiences, we experience a deeper and more compassionate understanding of many of the repeating patterns in our lives that may have seemed difficult or impossible to interrupt.

Armed with simple and safe techniques like those listed above, we can move forward feeling empowered with new ways to release what no longer serves us and consciously create the experiences we wish to have.

Wishing you warmth and light and sexual connection that lights you up like a fireworks display.


P.S. Sometimes we know intuitively that we would benefit from working with someone else to shift and let go of what we know is no longer serving us.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, grounded and compassionate healer to work with, I invite you to reach out for a free 20 minute consult call and learn about the one on one services I offer and how they can help facilitate and empower your self healing work.