Atma Namaste. 

My name is Krystle Ash, and I am a certified Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master-Teacher, an experienced Pranic Healer and registered member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners.

I’ve been facilitating healing and deep inner transformation since 2012 through my practice based in Edmonton, Canada, and through distance healing work.

I am an artist and healer at heart. 

When I’m not working on Goddess Wands, I can be found making resin art, pouring Intentional Crystal Candles, sculpting clay pots, dancing and immersing myself in Nature.

As a child, I was always naturally drawn to crystals and stones.

Working with crystals came to me intuitively and it wasn’t long before friends and clients were requesting my help selecting and working with crystals, too.

In 2015, my etsy shop was created.

Reviews like this one inspired me to take this vision one step further:


Learning to heal from sexual trauma was part of my personal journey.  

These experiences left me feeling confused and afraid of my own sexual energy, and impacted my mental, emotional and physical health in many ways for years to come.

Energy healing gave me the keys to transmute and release the pain I was carrying.

I realized that there was an opportunity to combine my gifts for healing with my understanding and gifts with crystals to help people from all over the world heal themselves and reclaim their sensual power.

With this intention in mind, I began creating Goddess Wands, a line of natural crystal pleasure wands that have been selected for their exquisite beauty and highly charged with healing energy and love.

Goddess Wands has been created in the spirit of healing and reconnecting to our sexuality in a healthy and positive way.  

With that intention in mind, $5 CAD from the sale of every Goddess Wand is donated to Little Warriors, a Canadian organization that is dedicated to helping to educate people about and prevent childhood sexual abuse.  

You can read more about the work that they do on their website.

I welcome you to browse my shop and see the beautiful pieces that are available for you to purchase.