Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What Currency Is Your Shop Displayed In?

A:  Our shop prices are displayed in USD, but you can easily convert the currency using the drop down menu at the top of the page.  


Q: Do your orders come shipped discreetly?  

A:  Yes.  Our packages come in a discreet bubble mailer (individual yoni eggs) or sturdy box (yoni egg trios and wands).  The return address shows “1916966 AB LTD”.

Q: How long will it take my order to arrive?

A:  This will vary depending on the items you are ordering and where you are located.  Each individual item listing will specify whether it is in stock, or if there is a wait time if the piece is on backorder.  Always read the product listing for clarification, and when in doubt please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Q: Besides the shipping cost, are there any additional fees?

A:  Your order may be subject to additional import taxes / VAT fees in your country of origin. These fees are separate from your purchase, and it is your responsibility to pay them. My fees, including shipping, do not include International fees and VAT.
Claiming a lower value or marking the parcel as a “gift” to avoid these fees is illegal.

I will not refund an order that has been returned to sender because the customer does not want to pay the VAT or additional fees.

EU: Orders totaling €25 / £15 or more may be subject to the import taxes / VAT fees. Learn more here :


Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  As this is an intimate item, returns will not be accepted. Every wand and eggs are shipped tracked and insured, if you have any issues at all with the piece you receive, please contact me first to discuss a solution.

In the extremely rare case that your wand should arrive with shipping damage, please contact us immediately with photos of the damage so a Shipping Insurance claim can be filed on your behalf and a solution can be arranged to get you a replacement piece.

Q:  I’ve broken my wand, can I get a refund?

A:  No.  These wands are made of natural quartz crystal and it’s important that they are treated with care.  Dropping your Goddess Wand or cooling a hot wand too quickly (or vice versa)  could certainly lead to fractures or breakage.  Use common sense and treat your Goddess Wand with care.   Although every care is taken to ensure that your wand arrives to you in perfect condition, I cannot be responsible for damage or breakage that may occur after your wand has been received.  Please be careful with your piece, they are fragile and will break if dropped.

Q:  What happens if my package gets returned to sender?

A:  I do my best to ensure the delivery of your item. I apologize but I can’t be responsible for lost, undelivered or seized international packages.  If a package is returned to sender, it costs me a significant amount of money as I must pay for the original shipping, the return shipping, any import or duty fees to receive it back to Canada, and my time and energy to coordinate it’s return and pick it up.  By placing an order from my store you are entering into an agreement, and will not be refunded for your order if the package is returned to sender.  


Q:  Is there a Care Sheet or information included with my order?

A:  You can download digital copies of my Goddess Wands and Goddess Eggs ebooks here. These ebooks will walk you through cleansing, care and use, activation and blessing your wand with your intention, working with a yoni egg, and smoke and salt clearing.  Your order also includes a printed Care and Use booklet with all the information you need.

Q:  How do I clean it?

A:  Gently wash the yoni wand with warm water and chemical free soap (or vinegar) when your Goddess Wand first arrives, to make sure it is physically cleansed and ready to use.

The easiest method is to use our Goddess Wands Cleansing Mist.  It is a quick, easy way to cleanse your wands and eggs physically and energetically.

It is strongly recommended that you also energetically cleanse the wand using the method of your choice. This clears any energies left from packaging and shipping and allows you to connect with your crystal yoni wand and set your intentions for it’s use.  There are many different ways to cleanse crystals, I recommend a salt water bath, sound or energy clearing, smudging, or bathing your crystal wand in the light of the full moon.

Always wash with a mild, ph balanced soap and plenty of clean, warm water after each use of your Goddess Wand, and keep it in a sacred space in your room that is appropriate for such a beautiful and powerful healing tool.

As an alternate cleaning method you can also rinse your wand with warm running water, then rub with one drop of lavender essential oil.  Lavender essential oil is a natural antiseptic that is also safe and gentle when used correctly, and which will also energetically cleanse your wand.  Rinse the wand with warm water again and rub with a clean, soft cloth to dry.  It is very important that you cleanse your wand both physically and energetically after every use.

Q:  What happens if I don’t energetically cleanse my wand?

A:  If you neglect to cleanse your wand energetically, you must remember that crystals are energetic tools and may hold onto the unwanted energies that they are helping you to clear.  An uncleansed wand that is holding a lot of unwanted negativity could cause you to feel affected by those energies when you work with it, or in extreme cases, the crystal could be more prone to break accidentally as it seeks to release the negative energy.  

Luckily, cleansing is quick and easy and can be accomplished using the method above, or by soaking your wand in a bowl of salt water overnight.  You can also smoke cleanse your crystal using sage or palo santo wood, or sound clear with a singing bowl, or use energy like Reiki to cleanse it.

The easiest method is to use our Goddess Wands Cleansing Mist.  It is a quick, easy way to cleanse your wands and eggs physically and energetically.

Q:  How do I set my intention?

A:  This is covered in depth in the ebook you receive when your order is completed.

Q:  How Do I Use It?

A:  Goddess Wands are used much like any other yoni wand or insertable toy.  They can be used to massage the erogenous zones, and while we focus mainly on our female customers, they make wonderful sacred sex tools for everyone.

Those who choose a quartz crystal pleasure wand are interested in healing and embracing their sexuality and spirituality, and Goddess Wands provide a tangible and beautiful way to anchor this intention into our everyday lives.  

Experiment with temperatures to bring a new element to your sacred self pleasure.  Warm or cool the wand (in a bowl of warm or cool water) before playing, if you are feeling adventurous.

These wands are made of natural quartz crystal and it’s important that they are treated with care.  Dropping your Goddess Wand or cooling a hot wand too quickly could certainly lead to fractures or breakage.  

Use common sense and treat your yoni wand with respect and care.

As with all insertable sex toys, use internally at your own discretion.

Q:  Can using a rose quartz wand amplify any feelings being held in the vagina?

A:  Quartz crystals will amplify, transmute, store, and transmit energy, this is why they are such beloved tools with energy workers.

The reason I choose rose quartz primarily is because it innately holds the energies of love, compassion, forgiveness, self-love, sensuality, tenderness, and passion.   The energy of love and forgiveness that is innately a part of the rose quartz crystal dissolves and transmutes the unwanted energies of shame, guilt, fear, trauma etc that we may be holding on to – and most importantly – it does this very gently.

I take it a step further by intentionally blessing each piece with Reiki energy, and using Pranic Healing techniques to intentionally program every wand and egg that comes from my shop.

The crystal is programmed to work with it’s new owner gently, transmuting the unwanted energies into love and light.

Now, because these are energetic tools that are doing real work for us, clearing and disintegrating and transmuting unwanted energies, I do stress in my care sheets and FAQ on my website that they should be cleansed physically and energetically after every use.

If working with a yoni wand is intensifying unwanted emotions it is likely because:

1)  The wand is bringing the emotions up to the surface of their consciousness to be acknowledged, blessed with love, and released (such as repressed trauma, anger or grief that has been buried and held inside of their body).  As energy healers we know that a huge part of releasing painful emotional blockages is acknowledging they exist and then thanking them for the lesson and letting them go.

2) You are not cleansing the wand energetically enough and it needs to be cleared of the energies it has been helping you to disintegrate and release.  Whether it’s by using my cleansing mist, or any other crystal safe cleansing method such as smudging, soaking in a bowl of salt water, sound clearing, energy clearing, or letting the sun and moon cleanse and charge the wand, this step is very important.

I also offer obsidian because it is also non-porous like quartz crystal and safe to use inside your body, but the Obsidian is a much less gentle crystal.  It is very powerful, protective, and cleansing, and works very quickly, but can be more intense.


Q:  My wand has ice cracks, inclusions and/or pressure lines, is it safe to use?

A: Yes, absolutely.  Because these pieces are 100% natural crystal, there are small imperfections that make each piece unique.  Some wands will be carved from more translucent stone, others will be more of a dark pink, or light pink with white streaks, or any variation in between.  This is due to the natural variation that occurs in these crystals, and is completely normal and safe to use.  There are also some wands with beautiful rainbows or other inclusions in the stone, and these do not affect the wand negatively in any way.  Each piece is carefully inspected by me personally before it is shipped, while I am cleansing and blessing the stone for you.  I have very high quality standards and do not ship out any piece that does not meet these exacting standards.

Q:  Are Goddess Wands and Goddess Eggs safe for internal use?

A:  Yes, the natural rose quartz and obsidian crystal that these wands are hand carved from is all natural and organic, non-porous, and will not leach any unwanted chemicals into your body.

Some sellers offer wands made of many different gemstones, without regard to the potential toxicity or health hazards.  While all crystals are certainly beautiful, some contain hazardous compounds such as aluminum, mercury, sulfur etc and are not meant to be used inside the body.  Please be aware of this when shopping for a gemstone dildo or yoni egg.

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