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I talk about sex toys,🌲🌲🌲, & all kinds of other “subversive” shit on my snapchat all the time bc it’s a crucial part of my life off the mat. I was a step beyond excited when @goddesswands reached out about offering a rose quartz goddess wand giveaway. This is not your average dildo, y’all- it’s basically magic. I gave a full review on my snapchat- follow me over there (👻= @mynameisjessamy) to find out about the power of rose quartz + why I keep it 💯 on the topic of masturbation, among other things. If you want to win one of these bad boys for your damn self, follow @goddesswands on Instagram & Krystle will announce a winner on 9/1! And if you’re like “fuck a giveaway, just gimme dat dildo”, use ‘JESSAMYN’ at checkout to get a free rose quartz yoni egg with your purchase. Yoni eggs + kegel exercises = healthy af pelvic floor which is the key to a lot of life happiness, not the least of which is standing up straighter and eventually getting rid of low back pain. I’m teaching at @durhamyoga today, y’all- I’m subbing the noon flow, I’ll see you there!

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Creating this business has been a huge learning curve for me.

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A gorgeous and ancient tree that I snapped a picture of while on a nature walk in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, while visiting my sister earlier this year.

I was so excited when I planted this idea-seed, because I could feel that there was a real NEED for these products in the world.

I knew that there were millions of people around the world who would resonate with this message and be open to these gorgeous pleasure wands.

I knew that I could help even more people by donating $5 from every Goddess Wand to Little Warriors – a Canadian charity that is devoted to help prevent child sexual abuse, and to help children affected by it to heal in a safe, supportive environment.

So I got to work, creating a website and offering my beautiful Goddess Wands and yoni eggs to the world.

The only problem was, nobody saw them.

“No problem!”  I thought quietly to myself.

“I will keep learning about business and marketing and I will just keep watering this tiny seed every day.”

I knew in my heart that this tiny seed could become a mighty tree

alive with gorgeous energy,

with deep, strong roots to sustain itself,

and which would bear beautiful, sensual fruit for people all over the world.

One day my sister and I were chatting and she asked me if I had ever heard of Jessamyn Stanley, the body-positive Yoga teacher who you are likely totally familiar with.

I felt the familiar frisson of energy moving through me, telling me to pay attention, to listen closer.

Jessamyn’s incredible photos on Instagram had indeed captured my attention already, and it was so powerful and affirming to see her work as a strong, sex-positive holistic healer.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and approach Jessamyn.

I offered to gift her with one of my rose quartz Goddess Wands and see if she would be open to sharing about it on her social media.

When Jessamyn responded and said that she would love to try one but would like to experience it and see how she truly feels with it before agreeing to give a review, I knew that I had spoken to the right person.

Integrity is one of the things I admire most in a person, and she has it – the energy worker in me can feel that sort of thing. 😉

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Krystle Ash, owner of Goddess Wands.

(I am a certified Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master-Teacher, and certified Basic Pranic Healer – and all of the crystals from my shop are highly charged and blessed with healing, loving energy.)

I shipped off the wand, happy to share it with her and feeling confident that she would be more than satisfied (pun intended – lol!) by the Goddess Wand.

I could not have been more pleasantly surprised by her review, and it meant SO MUCH to me today to hear her words and be able to share them with you all.

I am giving away one free Goddess Wand, head over to my instagram account to learn how you can enter!  The winner will be announced September 1, 2016 on instagram.

As a special added bonus, Jessamyn and I have partnered to create a promo-code for you!

To redeem your special offer, add the Goddess Wand and a 5 cm Goddess Egg to your cart and enter coupon code “JESSAMYN” at checkout, the discount will be applied for you.



P.S  I am really excited to share these beautiful treasures with you!

When I built my business I wanted to create something that was WIN-WIN-WIN:

You WIN by receiving a beautiful, sensual crystal treasure and knowing that a portion of your purchase goes to an incredibly worthy cause.

I WIN by creating a healthy, sustainable business that supports me and allows me to share healing with even more people.

Everybody WINS because we are helping to heal and shift the collective consciousness regarding self pleasure and sexuality!

You deserve this, beautiful heart.

love + light,


P.S.  Speaking of body positivity and loving the skin you are in, I got really raw and opened up about what it’s been like for me living in a larger body.  Check out the blog post here.

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