A while back, Krystle,  of Krystle’s Crystals,  reached out to me and wanted to send me a rose quartz wand.   Rose quartz is all about love and sex and femininity and all these really hot and awesome things.   It’s a really nice experience honestly, it feels like giving yourself a treat. It’s really nice.  Link to review.

Jessamyn Stanley


I absolutely love the Goddess Wand that Krystle sent me, it was well worth the wait!!! Not only she chose what I really wanted, she also put so much care in the whole packaging – so many special touches – all details were full of love, beauty and elegance. Thank you, Krystle!!! <3


I LOVE THIS YONI EGG!! The day the package arrived I was so excited, it was so well put together with beautiful thoughtful intentions. I could FEEL the energies emanating from the sweet gift of palo santo and crystals in addition to the black obsidian yoni egg! I had a chance to let it soak under the Full Moon in Cancer, I meditated with it, as well as cleansed it before use. The amount of magic in it was AMAZING. So many things came up and my body was undergoing a major cleanse! It was so powerful even after it just emerged ON ITS OWN in less than a day. I still felt the effects of it when it was out. The second time around, wooo! I only use it now when I am called to it, because for me it has been quite intense. Amazingly magical. Thank you, Krystle!!
Jade Love


Hi Krystle!! J gave me this beautiful wand as a gift and I wanted to be the one to review it for you. Everything was lovingly packed and thoughtfully and meaningfully accompanied, smudge stick, incense and additional complimentary stones. Fabulous. The Wand. What can I say? A Goddess herself, vibrating to a whole new level of love. I feel that just connecting with it close to my body is like being with a loving and comfortable companion. The energy is off the charts and the shape is Divine. Its ability to hold heat is amazing. This is an instrument for serious Goddess work and I am beyond grateful for the gift from J and for your offering of them to us all. J said it was a pleasure ordering from you. And we love your website. Thanks Again!!


My wife absolutely loves her new goddess wand!!!! Krystle was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for everything!!!!!


Most definitely worth the wait to have it made. I was blown away by the beauty of my wand when I first laid eyes on it and immediately felt a special connection. I appreciate the care taken in packaging and the sweet little extras. Thank you!


Seriously such an amazing wand! So smooth and gorgeous~


I absolutely love my yoni eggs, and Krystle is the kindest, most wonderful artist. Very thoughtful, answered my questions, and helped me choose my first set. She sent me the eggs in a special pouch and packaged them up with a few other crystals, some incense, a card, and instructions. So lovely! I treasure my crystals and the correspondence with Krystle. Love this artisan and could not be happier with her work!


Beautiful, beautiful. A very lovely solid weight, so smooth and so pretty to look at! Wonderful packaging and excellent customer service too, thank you!


Beautiful egg! Thank you for the extra gifts of little crystals, cleansing incense and smudge stick. It is obvious that love and good energy is behind everything you do. Thanks!