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Join Reiki Master-Teacher and Pranic Healer Krystle Ash, owner of Goddess Wands, for a guided meditation specially designed to honor and connect with your divine feminine essence.

This deeply relaxing and empowering divine feminine meditation is perfect for those who want to:

* Connect to their intuition
* Honor their feminine energy
* Heal and Soothe their feminine center
* Connect with their body, mind and soul
* Allow themselves to be more in tune with their inner wants and needs
* Inspire and Ignite their creative centers

Journey within to your place of deepest knowing and discover what wisdom and guidance your sacred feminine self holds for you.   Beginning with deep breathing, you will fill every cell of your body with divine energy and be guided through a powerful, yet peaceful, encounter with your divine feminine self.  This meditation will leave you feeling blissful and grounded.

This meditation is a digital download.  

Please respect the energy and integrity of this work.  This meditation is fully copyrighted and is not for reproduction, resale, or distribution or alteration without the explicit written consent of Krystle Ash.