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Nischa Selini

this beautifully crafted piece, lovingly and carefully packaged, arrived ahead of schedule and i was thrilled to receive it and begin working with it. i’m very pleased to report that it’s met and surpassed my every expectation. a sacred gift to self in every possible way. i will say, i was quite drawn in by the bulbous end and initially started exploring with it but have found it a bit big for me so far. i still use it occasionally…but the other end! huge hit. i’m able to use it for both cervical and gspot stimulation so that’s, you know, the best. thank you krystle!

Nischa Selini / Etsy

Krystle was such a kind and wonderful person to work with me to receive my crystal wand. In a time i need self care and healing the most, this wand was a most welcome addition to my light and life. She included a personal card and some very thoughtful words and additional items as part of the package. 100% would recommend!

lakestreet35 / Etsy

I’m very late with this review, but I love everything that I’ve ever purchased from Krystle’s shop. Nothing but good energy radiates from all of her items & her customer service is above & beyond. Everything is packaged with great care, information, tips & instructions were included for every item purchased & she even included lovely little gifts with all of my purchases. I will definitely be shopping here again soon. Thank you Krystle!

ssprowal / Etsy
Jade Love

I LOVE THIS YONI EGG!! The day the package arrived I was so excited, it was so well put together with beautiful thoughtful intentions. I could FEEL the energies emanating from the sweet gift of palo santo and crystals in addition to the black obsidian yoni egg! I had a chance to let it soak under the Full Moon in Cancer, I meditated with it, as well as cleansed it before use. The amount of magic in it was AMAZING. So many things came up and my body was undergoing a major cleanse! It was so powerful even after it just emerged ON ITS OWN in less than a day. I still felt the effects of it when it was out. The second time around, wooo! I only use it now when I am called to it, because for me it has been quite intense. Amazingly magical. Thank you, Krystle!!

Jade Love / Etsy

Hi Krystle!! J gave me this beautiful wand as a gift and I wanted to be the one to review it for you. Everything was lovingly packed and thoughtfully and meaningfully accompanied, smudge stick, incense and additional complimentary stones. Fabulous. The Wand. What can I say? A Goddess herself, vibrating to a whole new level of love. I feel that just connecting with it close to my body is like being with a loving and comfortable companion. The energy is off the charts and the shape is Divine. Its ability to hold heat is amazing. This is an instrument for serious Goddess work and I am beyond grateful for the gift from J and for your offering of them to us all. J said it was a pleasure ordering from you. And we love your website. Thanks Again!!

jgrezeszak / Etsy
Artie Mollard

My wife absolutely loves her new goddess wand!!!! Krystle was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for everything!!!!!

Artie Mollard / Etsy

Krystle’s Crystal’s changed the way I felt about pleasuring myself. It was love at first sight with my Curvy-G and it wasn’t long before I became my own best lover. Needless to say all my unsatisfying plastic dildo’s made their way into the trash. The feel of the crystal is powerful and divine and it reaches all the right places comfortably. The craftsmanship and design is impressive and sure to please. The loving energy Krystle instills in her products is evident from the moment of unwrapping all the layers of tissue and and the sweet gifts, notes and instructions that accompany her wands. Every Goddess should have one. Thank you Krystle for offering these.


Nada / Goddess Wands

Krystle, I wanted to thank you for the Obsidian Goddess Wand you sent me. It is beautiful! Winning the giveaway and receiving this amazing healing gift has opened a new door for me in my journey to self love and freedom from the shame of my past. I can’t express how grateful I am for you and what you do! Thank you so much. -Marie

Marie / Goddess Wands